Lake Hattie

Alone on red shore
With a vial of memories
Drinking in the wind
That whips about
endlessly here
I’m dreaming of you
We never really
spent time together
in these mountains
and lakes of origin
I found you hopelessly
unremarkable then
Twelve years later
I can still see your face
I know your hands
even better
They clasped mine
in my dream
The first dream of you
in so long
I forget you exist
year after year
Threads that were once
honeysuckle memories
Scarlet, lusty
tomato tapestries
faded and tattered
in your absence
Some things will
never be saved
Just as some things
will never be said
Whatever shape we
once embodied
is lost to time, space,
Here in the future
without you
Splashes of the lake
kiss my face
It feels like another
planet than our origin
So perhaps there
is a chance
The clouds encircling
midnight mountains
will rain like it did
when we were together

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