life is short
and life is long
in the middle
we wait for
the results
the age of data
consumes me
navigating through
life’s purple noon

am i doing enough
have i done enough
how much more
do i get to give
the sag uranus generation
loathes capitalism
but is lost in the dream
of a capricorn neptune
that prizes this structure
which pays for our art

the sun beckons me out
the wind mild, trees
and birds whispering
wildly, and all i can think
of in the cove of
my taurean splendor
is the beguiling conflict
of having two parents
charged with deeply
aquarian energies

lately i am learning
my dead mother’s
natal placements
confirmed all my
suspicions about
why we never
really got along
our fixed energy
ran perpendicular
wielding a knife
and a torch

it seems we had
too much in common
it seems we had
too many opinions
it seems we
interpreted the world
in a way that
would always end
in a battle of wills

i fall down a well
of all this confusion
why can’t i just
love her and
leave my mother
in peace, and
then i remember
she never liked
to be left alone
the way that i do

i get obsessed
with the knot that
needs fixing
my dull fingertips
scratch where a
tool is needed
we never took
the time to use
a tool to cure
whatever this wound
is or was
that needles at me now

karma left me
with a house
and a family
so much that
needs fixing
she said ok
you think this is
all so easy then
its your turn now
don’t burn it down

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